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(Optional) Disable Reveal AI Dashboard

These steps will show you how to disable the Reveal AI Dashboard from the front-end. To begin, log on to the Reveal AI Web Server with your Reveal AI Admin (or any admin) account.

  1. Navigate to the web.config file of the 06.Web\StoryEngineWebAPI folder (C:\nexlp\2.90.xx\06.Web\StoryEngineWebApi).

  2. Edit the web.config file.

  3. For the <EnableDashboardOptions> tag set the value = “false” (is “true” by default).

  4. Log on to the Reveal AI Front-end.

    • Navigate to the Admin home page.

    • If there is a Storybook for which you would like the dashboard enabled click its Edit option.

  5. This should now hide the “Dashboard Enabled” option from the front-end.

  6. If you go to the Storybook Home page you should no longer see the Dashboard enabled.