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Reveal Review Publication


Three prepared administrative reports are available here.

Near Duplicates

In processing Near Duplicates and Clusters under the Create pane there is an option under Advanced Settings to Generate Pivot Groups. Near Duplicates reveal documents and document clusters that are at least 80% identical (the default setting in processing), which can indicate similar documents for relational coding purposes and drafts of particular documents that could demonstrate evolving intention. Near Duplicate Reports can help to quickly identify these documents and clusters.


There are two Near Duplicates reports available under the Reports pane:

  • Pivot Export - This report references by default a group ITEMID as its near duplicate ID (NDID), the BEGDOC number of the "pivot" or primary instance document, the BEGDOC DOCID of the near duplicate, the degree of similarity, and a flag for whether the document is a near duplicate pivot. These values are exported to a comma-separated value (CSV) file for further analysis.

  • Relational Export - The Relational Export sets out (as BEGDOG numbers by default) the primary document, all near duplicate documents, and the near duplicate similarity rating of each near duplicate document in a comma-separated value file.

Users Logged In

This report lists all users currently logged in for all cases or for a selected case. This is extremely useful when preparing for a maintenance cycle on a database or a release upgrade. It also shows where users may have simply close their browsers and left their Reveal Review sessions open (see report sample below).

User Actions

This audit report documents all activity in Reveal Review Manager for the number of days requested. It may be filtered by Description, Details (to the extent any are reported), User Id or Performed_Date.