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Running the Production Preprocessing Function

When a Production Job is created, running the Preproduction function allows you to gain information about the job, such as total documents, pages and, most importantly, draw attention to any documents that may error out during production. Information regarding privileged documents and excluded documents discovered in preprocessing are also included in the table. 

This is an ideal tool to give attorneys a preview of what should be expected and fix any errors that may be indicated during preprocessing. It also allows you to manage a very large or rolling production in more functional sections. 

To start the preproduction process, select the dropdown arrow next to your new Production Job and choose Start Preprocessing - New Documents Only. You will be asked to confirm on start. You also see the ability to reprocess errors from earlier production jobs’ preprocessing.


If the Production is a large job, it will take time to run. The Refresh Jobs button is used to refresh the screen and update the totals as the processing runs. When the preprocessing is complete, the icon next to the production job is a green check mark.


The numbers in the columns after the Job number, Name and Type (e.g. Public) indicate:

  • Bates Range

  • Total number of Documents

  • Pages that have been produced/completed


    Preproduction will still indicate zero documents completed as the production has not run yet.

  • Preprocessing completion and errors­­

  • Imaging completion and errors

  • Items produced and errors

  • Number of Excluded items

  • Created by (User)

  • Start date and time

  • End date and time

If any errors are reported examine the type and cause and then re-run preprocessing for the job under its dropdown Status menu using Start Preprocessing - New and Error Documents Only.

See Fixing Errors in Production Preprocessing and Running the Production Job.