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Reveal Review Publication

Working with Users

Users in Reveal are created under the Company and are assigned to Projects. User accounts are maintained and may be assigned under the Users tab in Company Admin. Users may also be managed under the Company screen in the Users sub-tab, or under any Project with respect to participation and group membership in that project.

Create a User

To create a User, click Create User at the upper left corner of the Users table.

  • User Name must be unique (required).

  • First Name (required).

  • Last Name (required).

  • Email address (required).

  • Password may be auto generated or entered and confirmed at your option (required).

  • Enable User is checked by default when a user is created.

  • Two Factor Authentication is optional for verified login.

  • You may Show more optional fields for capturing contact information for the User.

  • Next assign the User to a Company.

    • Can designate User as Regular or a company Admin.

  • The User may be assigned to one or more Projects from this screen as well.

    • In selecting a project, be sure to select the Group in which the User should be placed for that project.

  • Click Save when done.

Modifying a User

Click on the User Name in the Users table to open that User's details screen. In the User Details screen:

  • Can edit a user's First NameLast Name and Email Address, but not the User Name field.

  • Can change a user's Password.

  • Can Enable/Disable a user account.

  • Can turn on Two Factor Authentication.

  • Can add contact information in the optional fields.