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Reveal Review Publication

Assigning Documents for Review

Assigning documents is the practice of dividing up sets of documents to be reviewed by multiple users in a controlled manner. Commonly referred to as batching, it is managed in Reveal with the Assignments feature available to users with administrator or client administrator permissions.

Users can check out assignments from a Pool or Team by right-clicking the My Assignments folder to open Manage Batches. Assignments directed to a User appear directly under My Assignments.

Managing Assignments

On the Review tab, the Assign menu is where the Project Manager acting as Reveal Administrator can manage the batching of documents and the assignment of batches to users and teams.  

A Reveal administrator or client administrator can select documents to assign from the collection in any document list, search results or work folder.

Assignment Options
  • Administrators can assign the entire universe of documents, or search, collect and assign a specific set to be reviewed.

  • Administrators can pull a random selection or percentage of documents from the list.

  • Administrators can specify the sort order for the documents to be assigned, for example, by Sent Date or Custodian.

For details on the assignment process, see the sections below: