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Reveal Review Publication

Reveal AI Installation Checklist

  1. Can you provide a list of how many servers we will have available for the Reveal AI deployment along with the amount of RAM + CPU cores?

  2. Reveal AI Account Setup

    • Please have your Reveal AI Admin Account username and password. (This account will be used for logging into all the Reveal AI Servers.)

    • Please have your Reveal AI Service Account (can also be the Reveal AI Admin Account) username and password ready as this account will be used to sign into the Reveal AI Processing and AI Windows services. This account may be referenced as NexLP Service Account in your documentation.

      • This account will also need to be added to the login section of the SQL server to be used for Reveal AI.

      • If it’s a domain user it will need to have access to all Reveal AI servers; if not please make sure the credentials are the same across all Reveal AI Servers

  3. Processing Server:

    • JRE 1.8 64-Bit downloaded and Installed.

    • .NET version 4.6.2 downloaded and installed.

  4. SQL Server:

    • SQL server is 2016 (along with at least Service Pack 2 installed) or above.

    • Full-Text enabled.

    • Default SQL server port (1433) is open for Processing AI and Web server.

  5. AI Server

    • JRE 1.8 64-Bit

    • .NET version 4.8 or higher downloaded and installed.

  6. Web/Cache Server

    • IIS 8 or higher, enabled.

    • NET Version 4.8 or higher, enabled.

    • SSL Certificate (optional for Standalone) required for Relativity®.

      • Port 433 Open.

    • URL Rewrite is enabled.

    • Default Redis port 6379 Open.

  7. Installation Package

    • Installation package has been downloaded and extracted to a file share location that can be accessed by all of the above Reveal AI Servers.