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Add a new storybook

Click the Add storybook button on the “All storybooks” page to create a new storybook:

  1. Enter a Storybook name.

  2. Set a Storybook database name. When Autogenerate is checked, the system will autogenerate the destination database name based on the storybook name indicated above.

  3. Select the Tenant to which this storybook belongs.


    You may not change the tenant after the storybook is created.

  4. Select the Groups to which the storybook will be made available.

  5. Select a destination Storybook database server (see Admin Guide Section 2.F.1 on how to create a SQL server connection).

  6. Select if you would like to Enable Insights.

  7. For Emotional intelligence elect whether you wish to Normalize scores when processing data. This will round all scores into a common range for ease of reference.

  8. Click Save to create the storybook.