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Reveal Review Publication

The Value of Custom Entity Types

Attorneys engaged in discovery, corporate compliance officers and risk managers all require technology that can mine data faster and more effectively than manual review can achieve. Custom entity models identify types of entities within sentences such as organizations or product names. Users of Reveal’s Cognitive AI platform, Story Engine, can get the most out of your data by creating custom entity types, as well as enhancing entities already built within the platform.

This groundbreaking capability empowers Reveal AI customers to teach the platform new terms that are specific to a corporation or legal matter and seamlessly activate it with any AI Model through the AI Model Library without any code or technical knowledge. Custom entities can be used to:

  • Quickly find sensitive data, that pattern-based searches (e.g. RegEx) typically miss, like addresses (PII), medical conditions (PHI), educational records (FERPA) or proprietary intellectual property.

  • Uncover potential areas of compliance risk or problematic behavior by teaching the system about specific competitors, partners, products or government officials.

  • Enhance COSMIC predictive coding effectiveness by using custom criteria to identify relevant documents.