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Connected Tag Setup in Brainspace

Connected tags are another method to sync data from Reveal Review to Brainspace. You can connect a Reveal Review tag or work folder to a tag in Brainspace.


To setup a connected tag in Brainspace, go to admin area for datasets and click the tag button on a dataset.

In the popup, click Connect Tags.

You will be presented with another popup containing Reveal Review tags and work folders. Reveal Review supports three types of tags: multi-select, mutually exclusive, and tree. Brainspace connected tags only allow for a single choice tag with multiple options. This is the same as a mutually exclusive tag in Reveal Review.


Example of a mutually exclusive tag in Reveal connected to a Brainspace tag.


For a multi-select tag, multiple connected tags are created in Brainspace each with a single tag as an option. For example:


Similarly for a tree type tag, multiple connected tags are created in Brainspace with a single tag as an option. The tree levels are flattened out.


Work folders appear at the bottom of the list with the prefix “WF:”.


Check the tags and work folders you wish to connect and then press the Connect button. The popup will show the selected tags/work folders.


If you hover in the rightmost column of the grid, you can push or pull the document ids with the tags or work folders to/from Reveal Review. You can also choose to disconnect the tag.


Once you pull from Reveal Review for each one you can see the document counts.