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Insights notifications

See the User Guide Section 2. Reveal AI Exploring Page > C. Insights for a description of Insights purpose and functionality.

You can configure Insights to send alerts whenever new documents appear that meet defined criteria. Choose Insight notifications to view a list of recent alerts or to configure new alerts.


The list includes:

  • The module name: Such as “Document Count”, “Inclusive Count”, etc.

  • The document count

  • The section

  • Date and Time of the notification

  • View Insights button: This button links to the referenced Insights User view.

To configure notifications choose the button as shown:


The following page appears:


On this page you can designate who receives what notifications and when. You can add notifications to the notification list and set the time (UTC) of the notification with the dropdown toll at the bottom of the page.

Choose the Add notification button and the following appears:


Make the following choices:

  • Section: Choose the relevant Section from the dropdown.

  • Module: Choose the relevant Module from the dropdown of Modules associated with the chosen section. The relevant criteria name follows the module name in parentheses.

  • Recipient type: Choose either Group or Email.

  • Group /Email: Either a Group or Email dropdown list will show depending on your previous choice. Choose one or more recipients.

For example:


Then hit Save. The new entries (one for each recipient) appear on the Notifications list. You may schedule the time of the daily alert.


To set or change the Schedule, open the dropdown list of times (designated in UTC):


Choose the time for the alert and then choose Save.

The associated module in the Exploring view will now appear with an envelope icon indicating that notification is set up. See Document Count module in the illustration below.


Anyone configured for notification will receive trigger event email that looks roughly like this:


Users who have been granted permission (by way of their group configuration - see Section 2 - Tenant Settings > B. Groups) may add notifications. A description of User utilization of Insights is available in the User Guide Section 2 - Reveal AI Exploring Page > C. Insights.