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Templates can be used to set up a collection of desired attributes such as field names and mappings, security groups, saved searches, teams and field profiles.

Creating a Template

Once you have configured the desired settings in a project, you can set this project to Is Template in its Projects screen under Instance Setup.

Applying a Template to a Project

This can be done to an existing case or during the creation of a new case in the Templates under Project Setup window.

  1. From the Project Setup pane, select Templates.

  2. Select the desired Template project.

  3. Select the Project to which you would like to copy items in Copy to.

  4. Within the various tabs select which items you would like to copy from the Template to the target project:

    • User Info (selected Users, Roles, Groups and Teams under sub-tabs)

    • Fields and Field Profiles

    • Work Folders

    • Searches

    • Lists

    • Tags and Tag Profiles (see illustration)

    • Redactions

    • Wordlists

    • Team Documents

    • Default User Settings (select whether to overwrite existing default user settings)

  5. Select/UnSelect All - Selects or unselects all settings for currently focused tab.

  6. Select/UnSelect for all Tabs - Check to configure the Select/UnSelect All button to work across all tabs.


    To copy all settings across all tabs, first check Select/UnSelect for all Tabs, then click the Select/UnSelect All button.

  7. Select Copy to begin the process.

  8. If there are errors or warnings noted, view or export the log to address any concerns.

  9. This log sample from a Tag template copy shows that default tags were found in the target case and left untouched.