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Exporting Documents

To Export a set of documents, run a search or select a folder, or you may directly select documents from the current page of the Documents List with a checkmark. From the Review menu, choose the Export button.

  • Select the number of documents to include.

  • Add a name to track the export job.

  • Choose the type of export file – Excel or Text

  • If Text is chosen, select the format for the export file. Concordance delimited load file format is standard.

  • Decide if you want to include Native files.

  • If Natives are chosen, choose the file name format and which production number to use.

  • Select which Metadata Fields you would like include with the export.

  • Make notations of the Volume naming conventions if desired: Volume Prefix, start number (ideally for a sequence), number of digits, and size (important for optical disc output sizing).

  • Choose Submit to complete.

  • The job may be monitored and retrieved under Jobs > Export via the Flyout Menu.

  • As of Release 10.3, a link will also be available to download an export of multiple native documents.