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Reveal Review Publication

Artificial Intelligence

Reveal integrates the analytic power of Reveal AI Story Engine into its review process. This provides a broader and deeper understanding of context and connections found in the documents under review.

Story Engine is accessed through the Artificial Intelligence entry on the Flyout Menu. Clicking on Artificial Intelligence brings up a login screen to access the Reveal project's linked case in Story Engine.


Entering a permitted email account and password opens the Storybooks selector screen. All cases accessible to the user account will be visible here.


The Storybook contains a great deal of information. Much of the linking between the Story Engine analytics and the Reveal Review project happens automatically under the hood, but users may examine the dataset using the advanced tools and tagging in the related Storybook to Export additional data (under Bulk Actions in the illustration below).


To go deeper into the capabilities and integration of Story Engine, see Reveal AI on this Help screen.