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Reveal Review Publication


This document provides guidance for installing Reveal AITM in your environment. Reveal AITM is a modern analytics tool designed to provide a tactical advantage for lawyers, investigators and knowledge workers who need insight within a communication-based repository.

Reveal AITM v. 2.90 consists of the following servers:

  • Caching Server

  • SQL Server

  • Processing Server

  • Web Server

  • AI Server

These servers can be deployed to one single machine, or to a few machines for performance reasons. Each server needs to be configured properly before processing and review can start. See detailed System Requirements for Version 2.90.


Before beginning the installation please scroll down to the Appendix and confirm that Steps 16.1 (SQL Server Connection Issues) and 16.2 (Installing .NET Framework + ASP.NET) have been completed to avoid errors during the installation process.


External software is no longer included in release packages to align with Reveal best practices.