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Reveal Review Publication


The Create pane is where project components may be generated from imported documents and metadata.

  • Indexes -- Indexes render imported documents searchable while extracting and formatting native document text for rendering in the Native / HTML viewer in the Document Review screen. Indexes are generated for each set of documents and each text set imported, and must be re-run if documents are removed from the Project, for example under a clawback order.

  • Images -- Create Images, also sometimes referred to as Bulk Imaging, generates color or black and white page image files from native documents in the Project by referencing the contents of Work Folders or a List of BEGDOC numbers.

  • Email Threads -- Email messages, replies and forwards are defined as conversation threads. Building Email Threads (which may be run during the Importing Documents process) requires some or all of the following email metadata fields to be present, the more present the more accurate the result:

    • SENT_DATE,


    • SENT_TIME,




  • Named Entities -- Entities are email domains, email addresses and document authors defined by document metadata for efficient identification and collection.

  • Clusters/Near-Dups -- Reveal can discover documents related by a percentage of shared content and other measures.

  • Document Folders -- Document folders are logical groupings of imported sets that may be organized by a structure defined in a metadata field such as RELATIVE_PATH in the load file.

  • Color Detection -- Reveal normally scans documents for the presence of color during indexing, and based on this detection classifies whether any color will affect recognition of text (the luminance cutoff, which defaults to 0.40). These values are stored and written to special metadata fields in each record. The color detection states are:

    • None/Null - color detection not yet run or indeterminate.

    • BlackWhite - only black and white elements detected.

    • BlackWhiteSafe - color elements detected but can be rendered in black and white without sacrificing document information.

    • Color - must be rendered in color.


      An appropriate image format is defined for each by Reveal. The Color Detection utility in Reveal Review Manager is where Reveal can bulk scan a project's selected Import file jobs to detect and render settings for image formatting.