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Search by Date

Click Date dropdown to open Date searching popup.


Date Operators use one of these searching operators.

  • Before: Return all documents dated before the selected date.

  • On: Return all documents dated on the selected date.

  • After: Return all documents dated after the selected date.

  • Between: Return all documents between the specified start and ending dates.

  • Work shift: Users can select one of the work shift options to further limit search results. The options available are All shiftsBusiness HoursEvening Business Hours or After Hours.



By default the searching is set to return more precise results (fewer documents) by searching only inclusive documents.


User can specify to include non-inclusive documents in the search results by moving the precision slide bar to right (less precise).


Customize date searching options:

  • Search Metadata: This option allows user to specify whether to search metadata at segment level or thread level.

  • Search Mentions: Users can also search for mentions of the specific date in the body by selecting Search Mentions checkbox.

  • Partial ranges: Use this option if you want to include documents with date mentions that represent a range, which falls partially in the target searching dates.