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Reveal Review Publication

Settings - Project Defaults


Project Managers acting as Reveal Administrators can set user defaults in this section of Project Admin. There are several parts, at least the first two of which should be addressed before the review process begins.

  • The General choices primarily address the handling related documents: whether Duplicates, Near Duplicates, Family Documents and Email Threads should be visible across the entire database or restricted to only seeing those in batches assigned to a user. These settings cover all users in the project regardless of role, so exercising the restriction should be very carefully considered before implementing.

  • Recursive Document Folders is selected by default so that all documents in child folders will be aggregated when looking at the top level folder, rather than a document being visible only within its own folder in the hierarchy. NOTE that the Documents folder is not necessarily made visible to Reviewers by Project Managers.

  • Enable Brainspace in UI activates the Brainspace analytics connector configuration for Review.

  • Enable Nuix in UI activates the Nuix collection and culling application connector configuration for Review.

Default User Options

There are five tabs under this Settings screen corresponding to the five tabs under Settings in the main Review screen.

  • General - Settings for Document Review screen and Document List display.

  • Document View - Sets Document Review Screen display defaults, which start as Text/HTML fit to window width using the Native/HTML Text Set.

  • Coding Options - Addresses forcing explicit save of document coding rather than auto-save on hitting Next, as well as any desired validation, default tag setting, tag tooltips display.

  • Review Icons - Set the display of small document and review status icons in the Document List.

  • Large Documents - Defines how to open a large documents, as defined by the Project Manager / Administrator according to the network connection(s) used by the review team.

See User Settings for more details.

Figure 1. Default User Options - General
Default User Options - General

Figure 2. Default User Options - Document View
Default User Options - Document View

Figure 3. Default User Options - Coding Options
Default User Options - Coding Options

Figure 4. Default User Options - Review Icons
Default User Options - Review Icons

Figure 5. Default User Options - Large Documents
Default User Options - Large Documents


The optional link to the Brainspace analytics application may be turned on and the link and sync information specified here.

Artificial Intelligence

Reveal AI is enabled by default for the project, with a URL entered for the link.

Imaging Settings

Controls settings to Enable Image on the Fly, Print imaging, Production imaging and selection of a Document Imaging Template, with image type and resolution default specifications.


Reports the current Application, Instance and Project Versions and the Database Name, with a Refresh button to update Operations Center setting changes.