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Reveal Review Publication


Import is used to load and update Documents, Tags, Images and Alerts. The majority of importing to Reveal will be documents produced or discovered. Opposing productions may still lean heavily on images and OCR, but most discovery today is electronic. Tags may sometimes be ported from an early case assessment or other review system to facilitate review. Alerts may be ingested for conditions of documents under review, such as cautioning for the existence of hidden rows and columns in spreadsheets.

  • Documents -- Once Field Mapping for a load is complete Documents may be loaded. This is the primary method for populating a project. An Import Documents process must be run for each delimited text load file, selecting the Import Data action here.

    • Once all Document imports are complete, go to Create Indexes to render them searchable.

    • Any overlays required to add further metadata or custom values are loaded here as well, selecting Update Data; see Updating - Overlays.

  • Tags -- Tags generated in other ediscovery or analytic systems may be loaded to Reveal as well if output to a carefully formatted load file. This can facilitate review by carrying forward previous evaluations and work product.

  • Images -- Images with load files are imported here. These images may have associated OCR text imported under the Documents load file, or the Project Manager / Administrator may choose to OCR images within Reveal. Reveal will import standard TIFF and JPG/JPEG image formats.

  • Alerts -- Information concerning attributes of specific documents, such as hidden information, may be prepared and uploaded here. Create alerts to add information to the ALERT_DETAIL field and turn the alert feature on\off at a document level using the ALERT yes\no field. This can also be done by loading data into those fields at loading time.