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Named Entities

Entities are found in the database under the Folder View and, if enabled, are created in Named Entities under the Create pane by pulling the data from certain specific metadata fields.

For the default entities listed below, Entities data are pulled from the document and email metadata when the files are processed and loaded into the project. Entities are not populated from the native text or index. If the data are not populated in the metadata load file, then that data will not appear in the entities section.

Entities that are created from metadata:

  • Message Originating Domain -> SENDER

  • Message Sender -> SENDER

  • Message Receiving Domain -> RECIPIENTS, CC_ADDRESSES, BCC

  • Message Addresses -> RECIPIENTS, CC_ADDRESSES, BCC

  • Document Author -> AUTHOR in, e.g., Office files.

Creating Entities

To create entities, navigate to the Create pane and choose Named Entities. The Named Entities window appears.

  • Select Case to choose the current project.

  • Select to Get Metadata Entities to pull information from the processed metadata; this is checked by default.

  • Click the Identify Entities button to process.


    If continually rolling data into the DB, it is recommend to defer building entities until after everything is loaded. Otherwise, users need to take the necessary precautions to insure they do not miss documents if reviewing by entities.