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Reveal Review Publication

(Optional) Enhanced Caching Server Service Security

Starting from Version, Reveal AI added an option to password protect the caching server for security reasons. This can be done following the steps below:

  1. Update Caching Server:

    • Go to Caching Server, find the redis config file, for example, C:\nexlp\2.90.xx\Redis-3.0.501\

    • Open the config file in a text editor.

    • In the SECURITY section, uncomment the requirepass line and set the password you want to use.

    • Go to Control Panel -> Services and restart “redis” service for the password to take effect.

  2. Update environment settings on Front-End:

    • Login to Reveal AI as Admin.

    • Open Admin Console -> Environment Settings.

    • Set the password under the Cache Password section.

    • Click Save to save the changes.