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Reveal Review Publication

Impersonate User

When configuring default Review settings or troubleshooting User issues it is helpful for a Project Manager or Admin to be able to see Reveal as the User does - to "walk a mile in their shoes" as the saying goes. The Impersonate function allows an Admin to do just that.

  • Click the User badge at the upper right corner of screen.

  • Select Impersonate.

  • In the Impersonate screen you may scroll or search and select a User.

  • Click Close.

  • The User badge now shows the initials of the User you have selected to impersonate with your initials in a second, smaller bubble.

  • With Impersonate effective:

    1. The Folder View will show only items that User is assigned or permitted to see: Documents, My Assignments, Work Folders, My Searches.

    2. The User may not see Quick Entities or Admin Views or certain Flyout Menu items, depending upon permissions.

    3. Tag, Field and Redaction Profiles will reflect the User's assignments or team membership.

  • To clear Impersonate, open the User badge, select Impersonate, then Clear.