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1. Log Into Story Engine

Story Engine provides two methods for login: Relativity® Integrated Mode and Stand-alone mode.

  • Relativity® Integrated Mode: Relativity® users who have access to the “Story Engine Login” tab can automatically gain access to their corresponding storybook. Click on the “Story Engine Login” link to open the storybook associated with the Relativity® workspace:

  • Stand-alone Mode: In Stand-alone Mode a login with username/password needs to be created for you. Enter the username/password after you browse to the Story Engine URL:

  • Or alternately, choose “Sign in with Single Sign On”.


Once the user logs in the system shows a list of storybooks assigned to user. Use “Find…” to search storybook by name. Columns are sortable by clicking the header. Click the Settings icon to customize columns displayed.

  • Name: Shows the storybook name. This column is sortable.

  • Created (CDT): Shows the date and time (in the user's time zone) in which the storybook was created.

  • Source Database: Shows the storybook source database name.

  • Database: Shows the storybook output database name.

Click the storybook link to open the corresponding storybook.