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Entity Launchpad

Users can open the Entity Launchpad by clicking on the Launchpad_button.png Icon in the upper left corner on the main page. This is a comprehensive view of the entity information introduced in the more focused Faceted Search described above. 

The Entity Launchpad opens in a popup. Which entity types are displayed is determined by admin configuration. See Admin Guide Section 1 > E. Entity Models

A user can check/uncheck the checkbox beside the entity type to show or hide entities on the Faceted Search on the main page or type a keyword to search for the target entity. 

In the Entity Launchpad the information displayed varies between the views for each “type”. For example, the name of the entity, communications volume, social status, owned documents, and custodian status are displayed for Communicators. Also, there are columns for numbers of Wrote and Read which are used to calculate social status.


However, for TopicsPlacesPeopleOrganizationsCategoriesSuper CategoriesClustersMoneyLawsLaw Firms and Summary Phrases, only named entity and segment counts are displayed.


Domains view shows a bit more information with the communications, wrote, and read for each domain displayed. 

Users can pick and choose which types to display and can rearrange the order by dragging the 603e730869684.png buttons on the left side of the check boxes. 

Entity search: a user can also enter a keyword to find a targeted entity. For example, the following graphic shows the search results for entities that include the word “risk”:


Within the Entity Launchpad, users can view entities globally or from within the current search by setting the context switch to either Global or Local:


If Local is selected, users will only see entities from within the search results. If Global is selected, users will see entities from the entire dataset. 

By choosing the ellipsis to the left of an entity name you can create or modify a search. For example, you may be looking at Vince Kaminski’s communications and decide to search topics which include the word “risk”:


You add “risk” to the search by choosing Add to search...


...which reduces the results. Further, you might then add “risk-free” results to the search by choosing Add to search (with OR), which augments the search.


The graphic below shows Vince Kaminski’s documents filtered by entity “risk OR risk-free”: