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Searching Across Text Sets

Refine Search allows you to to specify a search across Text Sets. Text Sets are classes of text extracted, supplied or otherwise processed from a document or documents. 

Default text sets in a newly-created Reveal Project are:

  • Native / HTML - Extracted HTML from native files.

  • Extracted - Extracted text from native files, such as Word documents, email messages, PowerPoint slides or Excel spreadsheets.

  • OCR / Loaded - Text loaded from a file or from OCR text documents accompanying images.

  • Transcription - Default text set for audio/video transcriptions.

Additional text sets may be added for Translations, for Manual OCR, or for custom sets of documents requiring a specially-defined Common Words list.  

Searches may be run against any one, all, or a selected group of Text Sets.

  • Select the folder or other document list to be searched (or you may select All Documents), optionally including Family members, Duplicates, Near duplicates and Email threads to expand the results beyond the content of a single folder.

  • Enter your search term and select Refine Search.

  • In the shaded Look up criteria by name ... Or select criteria to add area select the More button at the right.

  • Under More, select Text Sets.

    • In the Text Sets window, choose between Has any and Has none.

    • Re-enter the search term.

    • Select the Text Set or Sets to be searched.

    • Click Save to return the result to the Refine Search screen, from which you may Search Current Context.