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Reveal AI Exploring Page

The Reveal AI Main Page provides access to various functions in the storybook. The main page is divided into several areas depending on two different views. See the links below for details on each item. 

The Insights View:

The Launchpad View: 

In the Launchpad view, Insights is replaced by two panels:

See the links below for more detail on Exploring page topics.


The Flyout Menu opens from the top left corner of the Reveal AI’s main page. This menu provides access to various functions in the storybook.

  • Explore: Click the EXPLORE item to bring up the natural language search bar and data visualization options.

  • Training: Click the TRAINING item to open COSMIC AI training queues.

  • Applied AI: click the APPLIED AI item to open a new tab allowing you to edit and create COSMIC active label groups.

  • System admin: Click the SYSTEM ADMIN item to view a list of storybook, tenant and system admin functions available according to the user's permission level.


    Any Notifications will be made visible (and downloadable) through the Notifications icon 603e725194209.png just left of the User Profile Menu.

As you enter text into the Natural Language Search Bar, Reveal AI’s artificial intelligence assists you by suggesting related terms and entities.

Insights consists of a palette of interactive visualization modules providing a deep look into your data and quick graphics-based filtering.

On the right side of the screen, users can view document snippets. The document snippets represent previews of documents returned by the current search criteria.

Faceted Search and Entity Launchpad display the actual content of the documents.

Data is visualized using Connection Map, Tree Map of document clusters, or Cards.